There is only one way to reduce the temperature of a room

Put simply there are no real ways to cool a space other than using air conditioning. Some people find that using a fan can make them feel cooler, however this is a misconception as a fan will only circulate the air that is already in the room, the fact that it is now moving gives the impression that the air is cooler. However in reality the temperature of the air hasn’t changed.

The only way to cool a warm space is to use air conditioning systems, there are portable units that can be used, but these rely on having a window open to vent the heat from the room. The problem with this is that it will also let the cooler air out into the world as well, you are in effect trying to cool the world.

The best way to achieve an effective cooling solution is to have a professionally trained engineer survey your property to calculate the correct sized unit for the are to be cooled. Once this has been calculated a unit can be sourced and the engineer can arrange the installation of the unit into the property.

Today’s air conditioning units are nothing like those that you may be familiar with, some units are almost silent, whilst others look to all intents and purposes like a picture frame on a wall, you can even change the picture inside the frame to blend in with your room.

The heat exchange units are no longer large noisy rattly boxes that look unsightly in your garden and can be made to blend in to the environment, with some units coming in at less than the 2 foot square by 7″ deep.

Contrary to popular misconceptions Air Conditioning units are now remarkably cost effective to run, with 1 unit or energy creating approximately 4 equivalent units of cooling, previous customers have commented on how pleasantly surprised they are when the electric bill comes in.

Having a unit in the most commonly used rooms in the house, typically the bedrooms and living room can make your home more comfortable to live in. It is also not widely understood that the same unit that is used to cool your home in the summer months, can be used equally as efficiently in winter to heat the same space. Can you current gas central heating system be as adaptable?

A modern, effective and efficient system can be specified, fitted, tested and signed off for less than you may think, with some installations costing less than £1000 

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