Wait, air con can heat the room too, are you sure?

Unfortunately this is a phrase we hear all too often, but it’s true. In addition to the cooling the air, the same air con unit can be used to heat your space as well. This offers a more diverse control of the environment than a conventional heating system.

By having a unit in different rooms you can create a modular heating/cool system. Do the kids prefer sleeping in a hotter room? They can turn the AC up in their room without affecting the temperature of you room.

The best way to achieve an effective heating solution is to have a professionally trained engineer survey your property to calculate the correct sized unit(s) for the are to be heated. Once this has been calculated a unit can be sourced and the engineer can arrange the installation of the unit into the property.

Today’s air conditioning units are nothing like those that you may be familiar with, some units are almost silent, whilst others look to all intents and purposes like a picture frame on a wall, you can even change the picture inside the frame to blend in with your room.

The condenser units are no longer large noisy rattly boxes that look unsightly in your garden and can be made to blend in to the environment, with some units coming in at less than the 2 foot square by 7″ deep.

Contrary to popular misconceptions Air Conditioning units are now remarkably cost effective to run, with 1 unit or energy creating approximately 4 equivalent units of cooling, previous customers have commented on how pleasantly surprised they are when the electric bill comes in.

Having a unit in the most commonly used rooms in the house, typically the bedrooms and living room can make your home more comfortable to live in. 

A modern, effective and efficient system can be specified, fitted, tested and signed off for less than you may think, with some installations costing less than £1000 

To find out more about how an Air Conditioning Unit can cool your property in Summer click here, or call us now to discuss your requirements further.

Daikin Altherma

Daikin Altherma

The Daikin Altherma is a revolutionary new air to water system.

This air to water system will allow central heating systems and underfloor heating to be powered from the AC condenser.

There are multiple benefits to installing such a system:

  • It runs from electricity, which can come from renewable sources
  • There is no need to burn gas or LPG
  • It can be connected to solar systems
  • It can be used to supply hot water

You mean I can have conventional central heating running from clean electricity?

That’s right, you certainly can. This is a revolutionary new system from the well renowned company Daikin.
This system is set to be a game changer as it will allow you to connect the clean and efficient electric power to existing wet installations. Typical wet installations include conventional central heating systems and water based under floor heating.
We are proud to have attended training and are now competent installation technicians of this new technology